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I want to make a Chrome Developer Tools Extensions that needs access to newly added snippets in sources pane.

Does chrome.devtools API have any way to access snippets?

enter image description here

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Yes, you can do it through chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow API()

You can track

a) Content of all Snippets available

b) When ever a new Snippet is added and its content

c) When ever a Snippet is Updated with new content\modified.

How ever for enabling the debugging etc you have to enable experimental developer flags.

You can take following code as a reference and you can extend it as per your requirement.


You have to add


code to your manifest.json file

Sample manifest.json

"name":"Snippets Demo",
"description":"This demonstrates How to get content from Snippets API",


Add devtools.js to avoid inline scripting

Sample devtools.html

<script src="devtools.js"></script>


Add related code for

a) chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.getResources

b) chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.onResourceAdded.addListener

c) chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.onResourceContentCommitted.addListener()

Sample devtools.js

//Fetching all available resources and filtering using name of script snippet added 
chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.getResources(function (resources){

    // This function returns array of resources available in the current window


        // Matching with current snippet URL

        if(resources[i].url == "Script snippet #1"){
            resources[i].getContent(function (content,encoding){

                alert("encoding is " + encoding);
                alert("content is  "+content);


//This can be used for identifying when ever a new resource is added

chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.onResourceAdded.addListener(function (resource){
    alert("resources added" + resource.url);
    alert("resources content added " + resource.content);

//This can be used to detect when ever a resource code is changed/updated

    alert("Resource Changed");
    alert("New Content  " + content);
    alert("New Resource  Object is " + resource);

After putting all the 3 codes together you get

Output 1)

enter image description here

Output 2)

enter image description here

Output 3)

enter image description here

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you for detailed answer. Relying on url of resources is not safe. User can change name of snippet on creation. I need to be sure that the resource is a snippet. It's not really impossible to console.log in the script. Context of that script is not usual window. It runs in it's own context (devtools.html). To access devtools for that script you can reach out to chrome://inspect to see that page. While this is very helpful, I still can't access just snippets. Any ideas? – Mohsen Dec 2 '12 at 1:05
@Mohsen: Thanks for appreciating, Apart from filter resource.type=='script' there are no specific filters for snippets or Experimental API()'s available till date :( – Sudarshan Dec 2 '12 at 9:40

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