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I have an FQL query that queries a list of photos. For months, it was working as expected, returning ~450 photos from the following query:

SELECT object_id,src FROM photo WHERE owner=me()

All of a sudden, however, the results appear capped at 100 - that is, only the most 100 results are returned.

I know this is not a client code error - an iOS app in my case - because this is happening in my production code which has NOT been updated since working correctly.

What gives?

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I still don't know the cause of this issue, but I have discovered a simple workaround: add a very high limit parameter to the query.


SELECT object_id,src FROM photo WHERE owner=me() limit 1000

If your results total less than the limit value, then the expected number is returned (in my case roughly ~450).

NOTE: There may be an maximum limit value allowed by Facebook. For example, let's pretend you expected 10,000+ results - would FQL accept a limit of 20,000? I don't know. If you encounter this, please post your results.

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I have tested and now use a limit of 10,000 in my production app and it seems to be working OK. – toblerpwn Dec 25 '12 at 8:05

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