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Can I invoke Apache Camel RMI endpoint method that has multiple parameters?

The method signature that I call is: public ReturnedVo methodSignature(String parm1, byte[] parm2)

Camel Route: from("timer:myTimer?period=5000".routeId("TestRoute").process(new Processor() { public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception{ exchange.getOut().setBody(???????); } }).to (uri)

where uri="rmi://serviceLocation?method=methodSignature"

I was able to use similar routes to call different methods from the same service when methods had single parameter. I was setting message body with instance of the object: exchange.getOut().setBody(instanceOfObject).

The service that I am calling is remote EJB on Weblogic 8.1.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Answering my own question. Here is what I have done to resolve the issue.

1) Made changes to uri: uri="rmi://serviceLocation?

2) Create Object array to store parameters of the method to be called:

Object [] body = new Object[] {"parm1", new byte[11]};

3) Changed camel route to use Object [] body:

   process(new Processor() { 
       public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception{ 
   to (uri)

Please note that starting with Camel 2.9 there is different solution. here is the link

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