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I want to have my program read two inputs with one text box. The format would look like this: First:Second

Here's a picture of what I'm trying to explain http://i.imgur.com/2Pe2I.png

I would like to know how I can put them in a list box afterwards.

Thank you in advance.

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Something along the lines of:

foreach (string item in TextBox1.Text.Split(':')) {
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Without knowing more any answer you get isn't going to be very accurate but something along these lines would probably do what you're asking:

string[] inputParts = MyTextBox.Text.Split(':');
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You can separate the text string into a string array by using string.split.

string[] inputs = targetTextBox.Text.Split(':');

They can then be added to the ListBox.Items using


Proper sanitation of user input is obviously always advised.

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Use the String.Split function:

string[] inputs = Textbox1.Text.Split(new char[] { ':' });

inputs[0] will have the text before the ':', inputs1 will have the text after it.

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string[] inputParts = MyTextBox.Text.Split(':');

or Option 2

var splitStr = MyTextBox.Text.Split(new char[] {':'}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
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