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I created the iteration "File List Creator" on my team foundation server on 11/23/2012. I then created a bunch of tasks under it and finished them over the following week. It is now 11/30/2012. Below is an image of my iteration tree:

enter image description here

I went into the Team Foundation Server reporting services to look at my burndown chart and my new iteration that I made a week ago doesn't show in the list:

enter image description here

I even went onto the server and reran the reporting analysis service and the warehouse analysis service through the TFS web services. Its still not showing. So how do I get it to update?

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It seems the analysis DB was not update properly rebuilt for some reason. What I would suggest if a full rebuild through the web service as such:

1) The easiest way is to go onto the server and browse to the web service: http://localhost:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx

2) Click "ProcessWarehouse".

no. 2

3) For the parameter "collectionName" write "DefaulCollection" (or the name of your collection), and click "Invoke".

no. 3

4) This is what you're supposed to see:

no. 4

5) Go Back to: http://localhost:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx and click "ProcessAnalysisDatabase".

no. 5

6) For the parameter "processingType:" write "Full" and click "Invoke".

no. 6

7) This is what you're supposed to see:

no. 7

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One more option, is all others are exhausted, is to "reprocess" the Analysis DB directly:

enter image description here

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