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I dont know difference between them, I sometimes use this, sometimes activityame.this, sometimes getAplicationContext() when android needs context passed.

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  • this points to the current object. In this case, an Activity Object
  • ActivityName.this also points to the current Activity Object, use it when you are working with an dynamic inner class, such as instantiating a new onClickListener() {}.
  • getApplicationContext() gets the Context reference for the whole application. Activity is a Context subclass, but certain things may vary between the appliation Context and the Activity. For the most part though, using the Activity as the Context works fine, I haven't coded anything that needs getApplicationContext() yet.
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this - is used when you want to reference the object you are currently in. For instance when you're setting up a new class and you want to declare the initial value of your private variables you could do:

public class HelloWorld {
    private String messageToPrint;
    public HelloWorld(String message) {
        this.messageToPrint = message;

getApplicationContext() - Returns the context of the single, global Application object of the current process. Some classes cannot call this, and I've never used it, if I need to get the context of an Activity I'm in, I will use:

Context con = getContext();

Also I would never use getApplicationContext(); and cast it to your Application class, as you cannot guarantee that it will match-up.

The other one I'm not too sure on ^^

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