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having an issue with the Twitter API. Using tmhOAuth. Constantly getting the following 404 error:

"Sorry, that page does not exist :34"

I can 1/account/verify_credentials and 1/statuses/update perfectly fine but oauth/request_token returns the 404. The Callback URL in my app settings is set to https://google.com/ for testing purposes.


            $connection = new tmhOAuth(array(
            'consumer_key' => '******',
            'consumer_secret' => '******',
            'user_token' => '******',
            'user_secret' => '******'

                    array('oauth_callback' => 'oob')

            return $connection->response['code'];

Any help is greatly appreciated, drawing a blank.

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I know this is an old one, but for anyone else looking, you need to add an extra empty string parameter to url(), like so..

    $connection->url('oauth/request_token', ''),
    array('oauth_callback' => 'oob')
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