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I get a parameter is called 'id' in my function and want to print the cell of the name of this id row.

for example:

this is my table:

id     name        email
1      alon     alon@gmail.com

I send to my function: func(1), so I want it to print 'alon'.

this is what I tried:

static final String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database_alon";
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url, "root", "Admin");
String query_txt = "SELECT * FROM authors WHERE id = " + id;
Statement ps2 = con.createStatement();
ResultSet my_rs = ps2.executeQuery(query_txt);
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Everything is fine, but just one problem. You need to move your ResultSet cursor to the first row before fetching any values: -

Use: -

ResultSet my_rs = ps2.executeQuery(query_txt);
while (my_rs.next()) {

As a side note, consider using PreparedStatement to avoid getting attacked by SQL Injection.

Here's how you use it: -

PreparedStatement ps2 = con.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM authors WHERE id = ?");
ps2.setInt(1, id);
ResultSet my_rs = ps2.executeQuery();

while (my_rs.next()) {
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You need to use ResultSet.next() to navigate into the returned data:

if (my_rs.next()) {
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  1. Call my_rs.next(), which will move the ResultSet cursor onto the first row (which you are extracting data out of).
  2. If this is a real application, use PreparedStatements instead of generic Statements. This is an extremely important matter of security if you plan on using user input in SQL queries.
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