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How can I send key presses and mouse clicks to an application as if they were actually coming from the keyboard and mouse i.e. how can I fully simulate user input? I expect this will involve randomising the intervals that the keys are held down, raising events e.t.c. rather than using System.Windows.Forms.SendWait.

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Perhaps if you explained what you are trying to achieve (a.k.a the purpose) we might be able to help you better. There are a lot of questions on SO related to "how to simulate key presses" and several others that will help you determine a random interval. Your question is stated in such a way that combining the answer to those two questions will help. If not, then please clarify. – M.Babcock Dec 1 '12 at 4:55
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Thanks to M.Babcock's suggestion I spent some more time searching on SO and eventually came across the Widows Input Simulator. This will do precisely what I need.

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