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I have an Android apk which starts webview and loads an url. Since it usually takes time to load the url, how can I display an image when the apk is loading? The image can be a logo, for example.

Thanks a lot.

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Hope this may help you stackoverflow.com/questions/4581812/… –  Aerrow Dec 1 '12 at 2:21

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use layout like this

    <ImageView> //with log

When page loads Webview came in front of ImageView. or you can also hide it after page load.

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I would use a FrameLayout to have one on top of the other... –  Matthieu Dec 1 '12 at 4:01
How do i manage this from the activity? – public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.loadUrl("http://......") //how to load the image meanwhile? } –  griffon vulture Nov 12 '13 at 7:29

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