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In D3.js I'm attempting to iterate over a geojson file finding values for a specific attribute. For example, I want to iterate over the entire geojson file and if the value for the key state is equal to KS, return that piece of data.

I'm fairly new to D3 and I haven't found anything that would allow me to do that. My approach could be flawed, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

   "type": "FeatureCollection",
   "features": [{
       "type": "Feature",
       "id": "KDDC",
       "state": "KS",
       "properties": {
          "name": "Dodge City Regional Airport",
          "address": "100 Airport Road, Dodge City, KS, United States"
       "geometry": {
          "type": "Point",
          "coordinates": [

-- Begin Code --

d3.json("airports.json", function(collection) {

   var bounds = d3.geo.bounds(collection),
       path   = d3.geo.path().projection(project);


   var locations = g.selectAll("path")
      .data(collection.features, function(d) {
         if(d.state == "KS"){
            return d.state;
      .attr("opacity", 100);
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What do you want to do with the returned data? If you only want to extract it, then using d3 is overkill. You can achieve the same thing with a simple javascript loop. – Lars Kotthoff Dec 1 '12 at 11:15

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What you want to do is array.filter, before passing it into the data() method.

For example (your code was very close!)

var locations = g.selectAll("path")
  .data(collection.features.filter(function(d) {
     return d.state == "KS";

Check the d3 API documentation on Arrays - it does a great job of highlighting both d3.js array functionality AND built-in javascript array functionality that are commonly used.

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