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I would like to remap the 502 and 504 errors generated by Nginx when it can't talk to the proxy successfully into 408 errors.

To be clear, when Nginx returns 502/504 and no body, it should instead return 408 and still no body.

I tried adding this directive, but it apparently corrupts the response headers:

error_page              502 =408;
error_page              504 =408;

Any idea how to do remap an Nginx error code?

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syntax: error_page code ... [=[response]] uri;

You forgot to specify the uri parameter (your =408 argument has been interpreted as a uri).


location / {
    error_page 502 504 =408 @empty;

location @empty {
    return 200 '';
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Strange that Nginx accepts to parse the configuration without the uri part. Anyway, I don't have any page to redirect to, I just want to remap an error code, so I guess error_page is not the right way? – Pol Dec 1 '12 at 3:56
Nginx cannot know is =408 an URI or not since the code parameter is optional. You must specify a page with error, even if the page will be empty. I've updated my answer. – VBart Dec 1 '12 at 12:24

Getting inspiration from Is it possible to change the HTTP status code returned when proxy_pass gateway is down in nginx?, this set of directives appears to work:

location = / {
  return 200;

location ~ ^[a-z/0-9@A-Z]*$ {
  error_page              502 504 =408 /;

  (proxy configuration goes here)

Other values for uri did not however.

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