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I'm using a background image, and I would like it to weigh little without losing quality.

I found this option in Xcode.

Project-> Packaging -> Compress PNG Files

This would help me to improve file sizes?

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The format to use images is the PNG-24 file format, since it provides the highest quality image per pixel in the lowest file size. Also, in ios development, png is favored because of the multiple formatting and optional editing.

Most importantly, PNG is a lossless compression formatt, that means it compresses images without losing any quality.

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Png Supports transparency, While jpg does Not. Therefore they are favored by Apple.

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PNG supports transparent background while jpg not. If you don't use a picture that need transparent background, then I think there is no significant difference between jpg and png.

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In a few experiments jpg was a bit smaller for the same image, but not enough so to make it a big winner. – Hot Licks Dec 1 '12 at 3:34

As most of the others have said: for iOS development png is the preferred option.

To keep file size down, you can use PNG-8 though the transparency can get a little funny, so be careful.

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