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In PyQt4, what is the alternative for:

class TestClass
     enum Option {
         OptionA = 0x0,  // 0x000000
         OptionB = 0x1,  // 0x000001
         OptionC = 0x2,  // 0x000010
         OptionD = 0x4,  // 0x000100
         OptionE = 0x8,  // 0x001000
         OptionE = 0x10 // 0x010000
         // ... some more options with value which is a power of two
     Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(Options, Option)


How do I convert this block to python?

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In Python (and PyQt4), enums can be created like this:

class TestClass:
     OptionA = 0x0
     OptionB = 0x1
     OptionC = 0x2
     OptionD = 0x4
     OptionE = 0x8
     OptionE = 0x10
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thanks a lot i know but i try to port c++ Qt to pyqt4 typedef QFlags<Option> Options – user522745 Dec 1 '12 at 4:16
@user522745. PyQt4 doesn't wrap the QFlags class because it has no purpose in python. Why do you think need to port that C++ code? What are you trying to achieve? – ekhumoro Dec 1 '12 at 5:27

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