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Now at creation of the Engine, it requires a new Compoment, and the Engine pass 'this' itself to the Component.

At the creation of the Component, it needs to know its parent Engine and integrates with it by calling its IntegrateComponent() function.

It is kind of a circular referencing situation here. How do I do this in DI? (Castle Windsor in my case)

public class Engine : IEngine {
  private IComponent _someComponent;
  public Engine() {
    _component = new Component(this);
  public void IntegrateComponent() {
    //init component...

public class Component : IComponent {
  private readonly IEngine _engine;
  public Component(IEngine engine) {
    _engine = engine;

static void Main() {
  var engine = new Engine();

EDIT ----------------------------------------

I want something like ...

---> Resolve<IEngine>(); ... 

But how am I going to tell the DI this engine & this component reference to each other?

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Where do you need DI? (Can you show an example of what you're trying to do?) – Jim D'Angelo Dec 1 '12 at 4:05

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First, you have to design in such a way that there are no cyclic references.If not, using property injection, you can break this

var engine = new Engine();
engine.Component = new Component(engine);

This is based on Mark Seemann's excellent book - Dependency Injection in .Net.

There is already a thread on this: Seemingly circular dependencies causing issues with Castle Windsor

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I don't prefer property injection here because it exposes the internal references to public. I accept your answer because a post from your link answered my question. Thanks. – Tom Dec 1 '12 at 6:36

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