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below I hava query where it performs a query to find all of the Course Details from the database and display it in a drop down menu and then the course which is selected is display in a message using the $outputcourse variable:

    $sql = "SELECT CourseId, CourseNo, CourseName FROM Course ORDER BY CourseNo"; 



    $sqlstmt->bind_result($dbCourseId, $dbCourseNo, $dbCourseName);

    $courses = array(); // easier if you don't use generic names for data 

    $courseHTML = "";  
    $courseHTML .= '<select name="courses" id="coursesDrop">'.PHP_EOL; 
    $courseHTML .= '<option value="">Please Select</option>'.PHP_EOL;  

    $outputcourse = ""; 
    $hiddencourse = ""; 

    $course = $dbCourseId;
    $courseno = $dbCourseNo;
    $coursename = $dbCourseName; 
    $courseHTML .= "<option value='".$course."'>" . $courseno . " - " . $coursename . "</option>".PHP_EOL;  

    if (isset($_POST['courses']) && ($_POST['courses'] == $course)) {
    $outputcourse .= "<p><strong>Course:</strong> " . $courseno .  " - "  . $coursename . "</p>";
    $hiddencourse .= "<p><input type='hidden' id='hiddencourse' value='". $courseno . " - " . $coursename ."'></p>";


    $courseHTML .= '</select>';  

Now what I want to do is display the modules which does not belong in the course selected. Now my query works fine in php but the problem I am having is that if I use mysqli to run this query, it is unable to retireve the $dbCourseId variable in the where clause so the WHERE clause is incorrect.

The WHERE clause was suppose to display the courseId which was suppose to be 1 but it keeps displaying 10. If I choose a different course where the courseId should be 3, it still outputs 10.

So what my question is that which variable should go in the bind->param() in the code below and how can I retireve the correct courseId of the selected course?

Below is the code for the query:

$modulequery = "
m.ModuleId, m.ModuleNo, m.ModuleName, m.Credits
Module m
m.ModuleId NOT IN (
SELECT cm.ModuleId
FROM Course_Module cm
WHERE cm.CourseId = ?
ORDER BY m.ModuleNo

// You only need to call bind_param once
// get result and assign variables (prefix with db)




$modulenum = $moduleqrystmt->num_rows();     

echo $dbCourseId;
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where is this $dbCourseId variable is initialised and assigned a value. I only see it's only assigned to some other value. –  Yogesh Suthar Dec 1 '12 at 4:56
@YogeshSuthar What I am trying to do is use the $dbCourseId from the Query where it selects the course and use it to then act as a parameter to use in the module query. Am I using the wrong variable then? –  user1861818 Dec 1 '12 at 5:05
onchange="getModules();" when calling this call pass the selected option id. –  Yogesh Suthar Dec 1 '12 at 5:16
@Y Ignore the onchange="getModules();" I copied and pasted the drop down menu code ut forgot to remove that as I do not need that line in this code –  user1861818 Dec 1 '12 at 5:28
@YogeshSuthar I have figured out the problem and posted the answer. Thanks anyway for your help :) –  user1861818 Dec 1 '12 at 5:40

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Below the if statement where you check if the user has clicked on the courseSubmit button include the line as below:

if (isset($_POST['courseSubmit'])) {    

        //get the form data 
    $coursesdrop = (isset($_POST['courses'])) ? $_POST['courses'] : ''; 

Now as you have each Course option contain a value of $dbCourseId, you can use $coursesdrop variable in order to retireve the Course ID in the other queries.

So in the other query change:




That fixes the problem

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