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grabbed a one-page template the other day and need a hand fixing rendering in IE. Over on the right side, under the Core Values list, the

  • has an image replacement of the bullets. Looks fine on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but of course it doesn't on IE. My guess is the margin setting on the
  • ?

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    The little gold bow image that is being used in place of bullet points is actually quite a bit larger than it appears on the screen. The size is being reduced using the background-size CSS property. Unfortunately, IE8 and below do not support background-size.

    I'm guessing the larger-than-needed size is to make the bullets look sharp on retina displays. If you're willing to give that up, do this:

    • Resize the bow image to 17px by 17px, like this - resized image
    • Replace the current bow image with the smaller version
    • Remove the -webkit-background-size, -moz-background-size, and background-size CSS declarations from li selectors. This is optional but good to do just to keep things clean.
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    TOO SIMPLE!!!! Uhg. I hate it when the answer is K.I.S.S.! Thanks!!! – user1513427 Dec 7 '12 at 2:20
    Simple or not, it answers your question, right? Can you accept it? – Chris Herbert Dec 7 '12 at 3:24

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