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I updated my ADT to 21 last night, but then I found that in the ADT XML Overlay tool, I can't define a custom screen(1024*768, mdpi). Could you help me?

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Give the link of the image. –  hims056 Dec 1 '12 at 6:06
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After Update your ADT to version 21.

In Older Version each time you have to set Add Custom Screen if you want custom Device Configurations.

In ADT21 Oversion you can get this thing done by

open AVD Manager, u can define your custom screen in "Device Definition"

Alternative (Much Easier approach)

in Newest Version you Don't Need to Set Custom Device Configurations from the above Suggestion as much easier way is available for it. you >Just Have to Make Emulator With your Device Configurations and after you will see those Configurations with Emulator Name Inside Graphical Layout of XML

like after Created my Emulator of Nexus7 Emulator with Android 4.2 with Name as "Nexus7_Android_4.2" i will get this Device Configuration in Graphical Layout of xml automatically.

Below is the Screen Shot of it.

enter image description here

Hope it will Help you.

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It works! Thanks! Open the AVD Manager, u can define your custom screen in "Device Definition" tag –  user1822512 Dec 1 '12 at 6:14
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