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Is there any way or resource to do below task? I am loading a local image in the Image control in xaml, wanted to enable zoom in/out but restrict the scaling limit to the Image control width and height.

I used this suggested approach Zoom and scroll image in wp7 in my app, but image scales to outside of the image control area and shadows other controls in the app.

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I don't know about Image control itself, but in my zoomable canvas (based on regular canvas) I've used clip property. For ex.:

public partial class ZUICanvas : UserControl

        public ZUICanvas()

            FrameworkElement viewport;

            viewport = this;
            viewport = Viewport; //just another implementation
            viewport.SizeChanged += (sender, e) =>
            viewport.Clip = new RectangleGeometry { Rect = new Rect(0, 0, viewport.ActualWidth, viewport.ActualHeight) };

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