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I have a simple Pl/Sql body as following:

  ------------------- deletes -------------------------       
  delete from ticket.KC4ENTKEY where  KC2ENTID200 in ('ETICKET');

  ------------------- inserts -------------------------       
  insert into host.kc4achmap(kc4srl467,kc4hst468,kc4id455)

I may do change schema names for sample , ticket schema may changes to ticket_2. My question is : What can I set a parameter or placeholder for schema names (for removing hard coded schema's name)?

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You can't have a placeholder for schema names (or table or column names), because Oracle checks at compile time if the schema/table/column exists and if you have access to it.

To add flexibility, you can add a layer of indirection via synonyms or views:

CREATE SYNONYM my_kc4entkey FOR ticket.kc4entkey;
CREATE SYNONYM my_kc4achmap FOR host.kc4achmap;

In your code, you'd refer to the synonym instead of the fully qualified table:

  delete from my_kc4entkey where kc2entid200 in ('ETICKET');
  insert into my_kc4achmap(kc4srl467,kc4hst468,kc4id455) values('AUTHENTICATION',1,'TICKET'); 

If you need to change the schema name later on, you'll just need to change the synonym and leave your code unchanged:

CREATE OR REPLACE SYNONYM my_kc4entkey FOR ticket2.kc4entkey;
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it's a good answer. thanks. – MJM Dec 1 '12 at 9:39

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