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I'd like to plot contours over a map produced with cartopy. If I run the example at:

using a checkout of the latest code from github I get:

ValueError: invalid transform: Spherical contouring is not supported -  
consider using PlateCarree/RotatedPole.

How should one do this?

(asked as a response to the original announcement

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The examples provided in the cartopy docs under are out of date compared to the codebase. There is a development ticket to update all of the examples (

In this case, simply replace the line

plt.contourf(lons, lats, data, transform=ccrs.Geodetic())


plt.contourf(lons, lats, data, transform=ccrs.PlateCarree())

and the example should work again.

The matplotlib/cartopy introductory section of the cartopy docs has has a contouring example which may be of interest The resulting image:

output from linked example


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