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I display a context menu from a C++ code using TrackPopupMenu API. Each menu item contains a bitmap 24x24 pixels in size. Added by calling:

mii.cbSize = sizeof(mii);
mii.fMask = MIIM_BITMAP;
mii.hbmpItem = hBmpForItem;
SetMenuItemInfo(hMenu, ID_1_MENUITEMID, FALSE, &mii);

This works just fine on Windows Vista/7, but on Windows XP some menu items with a longer text get cut off on the right. So, I was wondering, is there any way to increase the width of the menu itself before it's displayed?

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Create your menu items as owner-drawn, then have your menu owner window process the WM_MEASUREITEM message so you can specify appropriate widths as needed.

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Thanks. The issue with owner-drawn is that, well, I have to draw everything, which is not that easy with the modern UI. –  c00000fd Dec 2 '12 at 21:55

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