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I use asp.net (vb.net) and i want to redirect user at button click event.

Response.Redirect("somepage.aspx", False)

it was worked. but when i use this method, the menu (which in somepage.aspx) doesn't work. because it was want to "external" parameters like :

<a href="somepage.aspx" rel="external">

if i call somepage.aspx with above html code,my menu is work . (i used jscript also)

so i want to run response.redirect with parameters like "a href"; for example;

 Response.Redirect("somepage.aspx", False,"rel=external")

how can i do this in serverside code?

thanks a lot!

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There is no out of the box available for Response.Redirect, but you can see below and use one that fit your needs:

Response.Redirect into a new window
Response.Redirect to new window

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its sucks. but thanks your interest. –  Fırat K. Dec 2 '12 at 22:52
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