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I'm fairly sure you can create screensavers with.NET but are there any tutorials on doing so? and how well can you make XNA screensavers?

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A screensaver is just an executable named that has been renamed '.scr' :) So yes, you can make one in whatever language you like, pretty much.

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What about accomanying DLLs? what happens to those? – RCIX Sep 2 '09 at 5:05
Place in the Windows folder, with the 'scr' executable. – Havenard Sep 2 '09 at 5:10

Here's a nice and small tutorial that explains how to create a screensaver with C#.

As already mentioned, a screensaver is just an executable with an .scr file extension instead of .exe. Additionally, if you want to create a useful screensaver, you should support these command-line arguments:

/c, /c:HWND, /c HWND: Configuration mode where HWND is the handle to the window that should be used as the parent.
/p, /p HWND: Preview mode where HWND is the handle to the parent window.
/s: Run in full-screen mode

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James O'Meara has created a nice XNA Screensaver Starter Kit which is a great resource for learning how to create a screensaver with XNA. Detail including the downloads are in the XNA forum here. I recommend reading the comments too, as there are some good tips on how to show the screensaver in the preview window also.

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Today, I have posted an updated starter kit at the XNA forum here. The update consists of XNA GS 3.1 support, working preview and modal configuration dialog.

Tonight, I will write an article describing the different aspects here:

Update: the article is now drafted and comments are very welcome.

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For a simple tutorial try Useful screensavers which also explains how to do the preview mode which is generally left out of any accounts

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There is an XNA 3.1 screen saver kit on the second page of this thread.

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I've written a fully functional screen saver that takes into account some of the more obscure details that they don't normally tell you about. You can view the source code and a wiki explaining the details.

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