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I want to have one SSIS package , in this case I have two varables : x=1 and y=0 and 3 tasks : one is Execute SQL Task (task A) and two Script Task (task B and C) . I want when we select x=1 in task A , task B is run and when select y=0 in task A , task C is run . In precedence constraint editor between A and B I select Expression and Constraint with success value and in precedence constraint editor between A and C I select Expression and Constraint with failure value but I don't know what expression must write in these precedence constraint editor . please help me with respect

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You will need to set up two Package Variables at design time to hold x and y.

In the General Tab of the Execute SQL component, change the result to SingleRow and ensure the query returns 1 row with the parameter details you require. Go to the Result Set Tab and set the two Package Variable (x, y) to the columns returned from your query.

Add two workflows, both from Execute SQL component, both On Success. For the first workflow (going to Task B), set the expression to @[User::x] == 1. For the second workflow (to Task C), set the expression to @[User::y] == 0.

If you want the options to be mutually exclusive, you are going to have to include two clauses on each workflow (i.e. @[User::x] == 1 && @[User::y] !=0). You will have to work out all permutations and include them in the expression to avoid both workflows firing.

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In Execute SQl Task Editor in part SQLStatement should I write this query: Declare @x int - Declare @y int - Set @x=1 - Set @y=0 - Select @x or Select @y –  SOHEILA DALIRI Dec 2 '12 at 5:54
when I write an above query in Execute SQl Task Editor in part SQLStatement(Declare @x int - Declare @y int -Set @x=1 - Set @y=0 - Select @x) and set the expression to @[User::x] == 1 (going to Task B) with SUCCESS value and set the expression to @[User::y] == 0 (to Task C) with FAILUR value, both task A and task B work good and become green but when I change the query to this : Select @y , task C don't work and again task A and task B work and become green. I want in each time when I change the query only on of the task B or C be run . please help me , with respect –  SOHEILA DALIRI Dec 2 '12 at 6:25
another question that I have is this : Is it necessary to define x and y as variables before doing enything ??? –  SOHEILA DALIRI Dec 2 '12 at 8:58
It sounds like you are creating local variable (declare...) and not package variables. Local variables only exist for the lifespan of that component. You need to use package variables if you want to rely on the values later in the workflow. Also, forget about failure workflow. This is for failure of the component, NOT, workflow expression value. I will add some more detail to the answer to help –  Daryl Wenman-Bateson Dec 2 '12 at 22:45
The question you originally asked was "precedence constraint editor in ssis package" - this is the question answered. We are now onto "How to write an SQL statement" or "How to use Execute SQL Task to return a single row". Neither of which relate to "precedence constraints"! Look back at my previous comments. First you need get your sql correct and format as two columns, x & y. Try using this within your exectue sql to get you going "select 1 as x, 2 as y" (without speech marks) –  Daryl Wenman-Bateson Dec 11 '12 at 11:51

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