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  var myarr=new Array("Saab","Volvo","BMW");       
  for (var i=0; i<myarr.length; i++) {

Note: in the real implementation I am not trying to empty the array so plz do not suggest other way of emptying an array.

Why I still see "volvo" in the console log ?

Should not it be removed either , same as other ?

Thank You

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What it does :

  • first iteration, i=0, removes "Saab", => array is ["Volvo","BMW"]
  • second iteration, i=1, removes "BMW" because this is what you have at index 1
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before loop, your array looks like


after first iteration of loop you delete first element of array, and now array looks like


during second iteration your "i" variable has '1' (one) value that corresponds to second element of array, in other words you say:

delete in ["Volvo","BMW"] array element with index '1'

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After the first splice:

i = 1
myarr = ["Volvo", "BMW"]

So it will remove "BMW". After the second splice:

i = 2
myarr = ["Volvo"]

And the loop will not continue. Better do it like this:

while (myarr.length > 1) {
    myarr.splice(0, 1);
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If you remove an item from the array, you also need to adjust the index value, f.ex:

var myarr=new Array("Saab","Volvo","BMW");       
for (var i=0; i<myarr.length; i++) {

Tip: If you are using a loop remove items from an array based on it’s value, you can use other methods, f.ex Array.filter:

myarr = myarr.filter(function(val) {
    return val !== 'Volvo'

Array.indexOf also comes to mind.

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