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After you call the process() method, I want to get response codes and text. Or is that not included in the library. All I can see are set_field() and process() methods.

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Here is part of the code from the process() method:

$heading = substr_count($response, '|');

for ($i=1; $i <= $heading; $i++)
  $delimiter_position = strpos($response, '|');

  if ($delimiter_position !== False)
    $response_code = substr($response, 0, $delimiter_position);
    $response_code = rtrim($response_code, '|');

    if($response_code == '')
      throw new Kohana_Exception('payment.gateway_connection_error');

    switch ($i)
     case 1:
       return (($response_code == '1') ? explode('|', $response) : False); // Approved
       return False;

When you use the process method, it should return the response code as an array.

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