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i want to create a debug token for my dev device with the native SDK (momentics), but it fails without any error message (just: "error creating debug token).

Now i use the command line tools.


1. If i want to request a token:

./blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass xxxxx -devicepin xxxxx -csjpin xxxxx client-RDK-00000.csj

i get:

Error: Not yet registered to request debug tokens

2. So i want to register (i'm already registered, but ok...):

./blackberry-debugtokenrequest -register -storepass xxxxx -csjpin xxxxx client-PBDT-00000.csj

Error: Error: Unable to register client '00000' because there are no more registration attempts. If you have already registered with this server, then you should restore your signing keys from backup. If you don't have a backup of the keys, then you can order a new set of keys at

I have a backup, but what should i do with it?

I want to create a debug token, but the message says: not yet registered. So i want to register, and it says: already registered...

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First things first, you only need the CSJ files to register with RIM, which you only need to do once. You can then safely delete them and your CSJ PIN.

If you have a backup file it means you have already registered which means you shouldn't be using the -register flag when attempting to create a debug token.

To restore your backup code signing key follow these instructions:

Once you have restored your code signing key you can create a debug token using the following command:

blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass developercertpass -devicepin 50F2D211
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Still did not work for me. Comment by Lur worked, as you need to specify the -keystore argument too apparently. – strange May 24 '13 at 18:37

You can use the CSJ files to register only one time. After that it cannot be used. Can you try getting new set of CSJ Files from blackberry server? I think it might solve the issue.

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If you know Spanish I recommended this post. In the pdf, in page 9, you´ll found a bat to get a debug token of blackberry 10. This is the code:

set LOCAL_DATA_PATH="c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Research In Motion"
set CERT_STORE_PASSWORD=Pass of web key 
set DEVICE_PIN=PIN of device

cd "eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ajde_1.5.2.201302260701\\bin"
blackberry-debugtokenrequest -cskpass %CSK_PASSWORD% -keystore %LOCAL_DATA_PATH%\author.p12 -storepass %CERT_STORE_PASSWORD% -devicepin %DEVICE_PIN% %LOCAL_DATA_PATH%\
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Fantastic! This worked for me. – strange May 24 '13 at 18:37

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