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To get a square root value of mainlabelString, I am using

- (IBAction)rootPressed:(id)sender

    NSString *mainLabelString = mainLabel.text;

    int mainLabelValue = [mainLabelString longLongValue];

    NSString *calculatedValue = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%f", sqrt(mainLabelValue)];

    mainLabel.text = calculatedValue;


And although it does work with numbers such as 88, from which I get 9.380832, it does not for example work with that number, for which it says the square root is 3.000000 (instead of 3.062814).
I tried replacing longLongValue with doubleValue and integerValue but it doesn't change it.
What's wrong?

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You should do more research before posting here. This is the third time in the last three hours you've posted this same block of code with different questions about it. – 0x7fffffff Dec 1 '12 at 14:42
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If the value into the text field is like @"9.0001", getting the long long value truncates the decimal part.You said that you also have tried doubleValue, but I suspect that you did something like this:

int mainLabelValue = [mainLabelString doubleValue]; 

Instead of:

double mainLabelValue = [mainLabelString doubleValue]; 

In the first case the number loses the decimal part too, because an int can't store the decimal part, nor a long long int.
Let me know how you exactly tried to retrieve the double value of the text field.

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Use NSNumberFormatter it provides very wide range and different styles(Decimaland scientific etc).documentation

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