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i've a page that shows records from a query into a div per record, ie:

on page showresult.php:
-----------div 1-----------
ID | Hotel 1 | address | infos 
-----------div 2----------
ID | Hotel 2 | address | infos

Well, now what i'd like to do is to select one of these clicking on it and shows more infos about the selected hotel (ie hotel 2) into another page, like:

on page showmoresults.php
----------div selected hotel 2-----------
ID | Hotel 2 | address | infos | details | address | city | etc..

How to do the trick ?

Thanks in advance!

PS: i currently use sessions

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i tried to make a link for each div but i'm totally stucked –  Luke Dec 1 '12 at 14:32

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It is very simple we take a example. we have a link text "Hotel 2" we make the link look like this "a" tag with href="/hotel/2"> and text is Hotel2 and handle this is in your controller and process with id 2. Like MySql query. @hotel = select * from hotels where id = 2 . and all info in in @hotel

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thanks man but i guess how to pass the relative hotel's ID to the second page. Do i use to send the relative ID to an hidden input inside a form and to GET/POST recevice it into the second page that makes the query like select * from hotels where id = 2 ? –  Luke Dec 1 '12 at 14:42
ok i figured out using links and passing the hotel id via get to another page where i make the second select with the id get and shows the results in a table. –  Luke Dec 1 '12 at 17:33

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