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I have started running the gdb with a executable say out1 i.e gdb out1 . Now I realised that I missed to add few checks in the code and upon adding the code I generated the new exec file say out2. Now is it possible to add this out2 to the already running gdb out1 so that I can debug with the new added checks exec code. Thanks for your time.

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You want to load out2 without quitting gdb. Am I correct?
I think you can run "file out2" in gdb, then gdb will kill out1 and load out2.

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Just keep the name out1, kill the currenly running process ((gdb) k) and start it again ((gdb) r). The GDB will reload the new data/code/debug info.

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Killing is done implicitly if one just commands run while the app is already running. – alk Dec 2 '12 at 11:21

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