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How can I extract only the URL's from the given block of text?


Perhaps Regex would work, but I'm not advanced enough to work it out!

Many thanks! Mikey

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You're over-thinking the problem - all you need to do is match the URLs, which is a simple match:


That'll work based on the input provided - might need tweaking if different input used.

(e.g. You can optionally add a \s into the char class if that might be a factor.)

The regex itself is simple:

\bhttps?:  ## look for http: or https: with no alphanumeric chars beforehand.

[^)'"]+    ## match characters that are NOT ) or ' or "
           ## match as many as possible, at least one required.

If this is matching false positives, you can of course look for a more refined URL regex, such as these.

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  • background(?:-image)? -> It matches background or background-image (without grouping)
  • \( -> matches a literal parentheses
  • (["']?) -> matches if there is a ' or " or VOID before the url
  • (?<url>http.*) -> matches the url
  • \1\) -> matches the grouped (third line of this explanation) and then a literal parentheses
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Hi, thanks for this. The demo looks to be working, but I get the following error in Railo CF: "Invalid Syntax Closing [)] for function [REFIND] not found". Think something needs escaping? – Michael Giovanni Pumo Dec 1 '12 at 14:50
That's because (?<url>...) is a named group, which doesn't exist in Apache ORO. – Peter Boughton Dec 1 '12 at 14:54
I didn't really know that, but if is what @Peter says, just remove the ?<url> and tell me if it works to edit it. – Javier Diaz Dec 1 '12 at 15:00
Well, the expression will match, but it'll also require fiddle-arsing about to get group 2 from the match (CF's implementation is crappy and doesn't make extracting groups easy), and there's a much simpler way, just by matching URLs directly. – Peter Boughton Dec 1 '12 at 15:16

If you want an answer without regular expressions, something like this will work.

YourString = "background(";
YourString = ListLast(YourString, "("); // yields
YourString = replace(YourString, ")", "");  //

Since you are doing it more than once, you can make it a function. Also, you might need some other replace commands to handle the quotes that are in some of your strings.

Having said all that, getting a regex to work would be better.

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The question states it's a block of text - i.e. there are multiple URLs involved, not just one - otherwise doing ListLast(input,'()"''') could be a simple but effective solution. – Peter Boughton Dec 1 '12 at 15:29

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