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i am facing one problem in SCSF.

I have two workspaces

  1. MdiWorkspace
  2. DeckWorkspace

i have two views in a module

  1. Viewer (display in mdiworkspace)
  2. Property Viewer (in deckworkspace)

in Viewer i have a button in toolbar whose purpose is to display PropertyViewer (another View).

how can i display this PropertyViewer in deckworkspace agaist button click event.

NOTE: i am not using Command[CommandName].AddInvoker(control, "click:) and CommandHandler

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I'm going to assume your toolbar sits in a SmartPart that implements the MVP pattern. Have the button click event handler in the SmartPart fire an event that its presenter will handle. Your presenter code would look like this:

// Presenter code

protected override void OnViewSet()
   this.View.ToolbarButtonClick += View_ToolbarButtonClick;

public void View_ToolbarButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // remove the handler so the property viewer 
    // will only be added the first time
    this.View.OnToolbarButtonClick -= View_ToolbarButtonClick;

    var propertyView = new PropertyViewer();
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