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In my sidebar I have two categories: 'Product' and 'News'. So I have created two category files category-product.php and category-news.php to display them in a different way.

My question is: how can I create permalinks to display these separate category pages? The default permalink always displays the category.php file. Can anybody please provide some ideas? I'm very new to WordPress.

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WordPress selects template based on request parse results, not only on permalink structure. When it determines that you request category page then it tries to find category-$slug.php file in theme folder. If this file is not found it tries to find category-$id.php and if it also absent, WP uses category.php.

So double check that product and news are categories slugs (not titles). And try to use debug-bar plugin ( It can show request parameters.

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+1, and this could also helpful for OP. – The Alpha Dec 1 '12 at 15:42

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