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can someone show me data model for user register system which user can favorite or blacklist(ban) each other?i am looking for best way but no one answered my questions well until now.by best way i mean we have less join for programing.

my user table until now

uid(pk) | name | family | blah blah blah ..

i just dont know how to desgin this favorite and blacklist which we just have one join or less?

i think it must be a one to many relation but how should i design this?

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you could have a second table listing the blacklists and/or favourites

table id(pk) | userid_src(fk) | userid_dst(fk) | type

If user A blacklists user B and then user A favourites user C and user B and C favourites each other you will have this where A is id 1, B id 2 and C id 3

id(pk) | userid_src(fk) | userid_dst(fk) | type
1      | 1              | 2              | blacklist
2      | 1              | 3              | favourite
3      | 2              | 3              | favourite
4      | 3              | 2              | favourite

EDIT: to retrieve the info of each user :

SELECT * from users
LEFT JOIN users_connections as con ON users.uid = con.userid_src
LEFT JOIN users as userCon ON userCon.uid = con.userid_dst
WHERE users.id = XXX

XXX will be the id of your current user. You will then retrieve each connections between your current user and each user he blacklisted or added as favourite.

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is id(pk) auto increment if i am right?then if we have 10 melyon of user and each user have 200 person in black list and favorite list then we have this id 2000 melyon of row or more is this ok? – HiDd3N Dec 1 '12 at 15:23
I don't know if it's ok that will depend on your database, your server hardware/configuration, but yeah. You could otherwise create a table for each user's "lists" storing favourite/blacklists in it but then you'd have millions of table in the end. – koopajah Dec 1 '12 at 15:24
then after creating this we join usertable with this table on userid_src(fk) and we fetch userid_dst(fk) and after that we have to select each user info and this will cause us many query just for fetch info from each user – HiDd3N Dec 1 '12 at 15:27
You could but that would mean repeating the same info every time it would be a bit too much since you already have these info on the users table. Moreover if you want to change a user name you'd have to update it on each line the user has been added a favourite or blacklisted. Check my answer I added an SQL query to retrieve the info – koopajah Dec 1 '12 at 15:34
@HiDd3N I was agreeing with him only on how to structure the DB. How you retrieve the data depends on how you plan to use it. Do you only need to fetch the blocked/favourited users at specific times? Such as when sending an instant message, or whetever features your website has? If so then you wouldn't have to use a join, you could just make a seperate request when the blocked/favourited users were needed. – Peter Tòmas Scott Dec 1 '12 at 17:06

One place to look for ready made data models is databaseanswers.com. Here is the page that catalogs their data models.


There's a section on Social Networking Sites, but it's pretty sparse.

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Great reference, thanks. – OhadM Jan 6 at 19:25

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