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I've created the following two object types :

create or replace type person_typ as object (
    person#                 varchar(10)
) not final;

create or replace type salesperson_typ under person_typ (
    salesperson#            varchar(10),
    sSurname                varchar(10),
    sForename               varchar(10),
    dateOfBirth             date

create table person_tab of person_typ (
    person# primary key

And I've inserted a row using :

insert into person_tab
values (salesperson_typ('p1','s1', 'Jones', 'John', sysdate));

Which I can retrieve using the following :

    treat(value(s) as salesperson_typ).person# as person_number, 
    treat(value(s) as salesperson_typ).sSurname as sSurname
    person_tab s

However, if I look at person_tab I only see the following :

SQL> select * from person_tab;


I'm curious, where does the salesperson specific data get stored? I was almost expecting to find a salesperson table, but I can't find anything obvious.

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Your object is stored invisibly in the same table. You can check columns by querying USER_TAB_COLS:

FROM user_tab_cols
WHERE table_name = 'PERSON_TAB';

Then you can then use the column names* you just discovered in a query (except SYS_NC_ROWINFO$, that throws an error for me).



You should not use these column names in any application because they are internal and subject to change in future patches/releases.

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