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I'm trying to build eclipse source that has a lot of projects. I found that some of the projects show ">" mark. What is this for?

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> means it is dirty.

As it says in in git submodules explained

Versions 1.7.0 and later of git contain an annoying change in the behavior of git submodule.
Submodules are now regarded as dirty if they have any modified files or untracked files, whereas previously it would only be the case if HEAD in the submodule pointed to the wrong commit.

Here is some extra information on what each of the icons mean:

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It's probably a text decoration from the CVS or SVN (or other) team support, which indicates an outgoing change: there is at least one file in the project that has been modified since the last CVS/SVN update.

Go to Preferences and type "Label decoration" in the filter box to show where these decorations might come from.

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