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I've got the following URI setup:

public static final String AUTHORITY = "content://com.danny.servercontentprovider";
// Query URI
private static final int SERVER = 100;
private static final int SERVER_ID = 101;
// Create URI matcher
private static final UriMatcher sURIMatcher = new UriMatcher(

static {
    sURIMatcher.addURI(AUTHORITY, "server", SERVER);
            .addURI(AUTHORITY, "server/#", SERVER_ID);

but when I call the content provider both uri do not match:

int uriType = sURIMatcher.match(uri);
switch (uriType) {
    Log.d(TAG, "A server URI");
case SERVER:
    // no filter
    Log.d(TAG, "All server URI");
    Log.i(TAG, "Unknown URI on query: " + uri);
    // throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unknown URI");

log message:

I/ServerContentProvider(442): Unknown URI on query: content://com.danny.servercontentprovider/server/1

When I try the non-numeric uri I get the same error message (without the "/1" in the log message).

Any ideas?

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Change value of AUTHORITY to:

public static final String AUTHORITY = "com.danny.servercontentprovider";
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So simple. Thank you. – Danny Tsang Dec 1 '12 at 18:49

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