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Hi I have been working with visual studio 2010 ultimate all day developing an webforms application. I just realized that on the properties for controls window the button for events is missing , the one that looks like a thunderbolt.

An hour ago that button was there and now somehow it has disapeared and I can't figure out how to make it visible again.

I have tryed reseting the visual studio settings and reseting the computer but nothing worked

How can I get the button back?

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I had the same problem. This helped me. 1.Restart visual studio 2010. 2.Click and select a control in markup page(.aspx)(like 3.After selecting , Click "View" in menu and select "Property window".

Check the property box, Thunderbolt ll be available. It just happened for me!

If the above solution not working go on with this!

1.Select design view in markup(.aspx)
2.Select any individual control like a button or label..
3.Now, you will be able to see a ">" button on the right side? Click it.
4.Remember to select only one control./.now check your property window! Whoohoo..
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