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In my Rhomobile project I just created a new .erb file in /app . But the commands between <%= %> are just ignored... In example, I have a link like this:

'href="<%= url_for :controller => :Settings, :action => :do_sync %>"'

but when I click it, nothing happens. How do I create new page files in which I can include such commands? May I map it in some config file?

Thanks for the help.

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I think your problem is the location of your .erb file and not your use of url_for.

Assuming that you refer to an action in your Settings controller, the .erb file should be located in /app/Settings. This means that if you want to render an action called login from your Settings controller, you would have to create the file login.erb so it is located at /app/Settings/login.erb.

In your rhoconfig.txt you can define the application start and settings path, if you want to change it so you start your application in a specific controller instead of in /app/index.erb.

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