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I am applying 301 Redirects for my old pages/directories using .htaccess.

However, strangely, it seems that redirects only on the first load of page.

Example steps:

  1. I am redirecting "/page1.html" to ""
  2. I uploaded my new .htaccess file containing all the links.
  3. I accessed "page1.html" through my browser, it worked perfectly!
  4. I re-entered the same URL for "page1.html", and hit Enter, but it is now redirecting to an incorrect URL. Very strange!
  5. I re-uploaded the .htaccess, that is having no changes whatsoever, I re-entered the same URL, and worked again.
  6. Re-entered again, then again failed.

Very strange guys right? Do you have any solution for this problem? Or maybe an explanation why it is behaving very strangely?

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Can you provide your .htaccess? What is the "incorrect URL" that you're being redirected to the second time? – Edward Thomson Dec 1 '12 at 17:32
Hi Edward, thanks for replying. My sample .htaccess is as follows: Redirect /cms/index.php/First-Page.html [R=301,L] It works ONLY on first load, right after I uploaded the .htaccess to the server, but on 2nd, 3rd, etc; it is redirected to something like: which is an invalid page thefore returning a 404 Error. – RobEarth Softworks Dec 2 '12 at 0:01
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Marking this as a solved. It turns out it was just a browser's cache issue. To avoid this rookie mistake, test your htaccess redirects via incognito window or in private browsing which are built-in features of our browsers. Or, you can clear your cache everytime you test. :-)

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