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for Export to CSV, i have overall 2500 records, and while exporting it takes long time to export all records, so, i have decided to export in the form of 1st 50 students,and, 2nd 50 students,so on. I have tried the below code. but it could able to fetch only 1st 50 students. please, guide me how to solve the problem

def exportcsv

  @student_count = Student.find(:all)

  @count1 = @student_count.count

  st_per_file = 50

  count = 0

  unless @count1==count

  students = Student.find(:all, :order => 'name', :limit =>
               st_per_file, :offset => (st_per_file*count))

  count = count + 1

 filename = 'students.csv'


    'Content-Type' => 'text/csv',

    'Content-Disposition' => "attachment; filename=\"#{filename}\"",

    'Content-Transfer-Encoding' => 'binary'

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Didn't we just answer this yesterday? I don't really see what has changed between the two other than there is more code now.

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Thanks for pointing that out, theIV. Voting to close as duplicate. –  Yuval F Sep 2 '09 at 8:22

2500 records isn't very much, this smells in my opinion. Sounds like you should be sorting out why this is so bad.

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You need to have a loop to do this. Ruby's 'unless' keyword is a negated if and only runs once. Try a 'while' or an 'until'.

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