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I'm trying to add an inline Callout to my networked flex mobile app which would ask the user - if she is really sure, that she wants to leave a chat room.

However I get the compiler error - because the (non-static) function fetch(MyEvent.LEAVE) below belongs to the parent View.

Is there still a way to call it (maybe through an outerDocument, parent, owner or smth. similar)?

    <fx:Component className="ConfirmLeave">
                <s:Label text="Are you sure?" />
                    <s:Button id="_leaveYes"
                              click="fetch(MyEvent.LEAVE)" />
                    <s:Button id="_leaveNo"
                              click="close()" />
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Solved it myself with a listener for PopUpEvent.CLOSE event:

private var _confirmLeave:ConfirmLeave = new ConfirmLeave();

_confirmLeave.addEventListener(PopUpEvent.CLOSE, handleLeaveCallback);, true);

        private function handleLeaveCallback(event:PopUpEvent):void {
            if (!event.commit)

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