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What is the proper, universal format for creating a clickable hyperlink for users on mobile devices to call a phone number?

Area code with dashes

<a href="tel:555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes

<a href="tel:5555551212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with dashes and 1

<a href="tel:1-555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes and 1

<a href="tel:15555551212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with dashes, 1 and + sign

<a href="tel:+1-555-555-1212">555-555-1212</a>

Area code with no dashes, 1 and + sign

<a href="tel:+15555551212">555-555-1212</a>
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Either of the last two would work. Dashes have no significance other than making the number more readable, so you might as well include them. However the + sign is necessary so that the number can be dialed from outside the country (i.e. outside USA/Canada in your example).

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Either would do but the dashes make it much easier to read. –  Vreality Dec 1 '12 at 18:10
@Vreality2007 Actually the phone will probably add the dashes in automatically. Since it's in the source code of the page, the user will essentially never even see it. If it's a desktop user, they can hover the mouse over the link and see what will be dialed, but that's why the linking text is also the phone number, which for readability I would include the dashes. However since it costs nothing I would include them in the anchor link too. Why not, right? –  Mike Dec 1 '12 at 19:47
Good point. I would still change it though. –  Vreality Dec 1 '12 at 19:48
@Vreality2007 updated answer. –  Mike Dec 1 '12 at 19:54

- doesnt make matter but + sign is important when mobile user is in roaming
this is the standard format

<a href="tel:+4917640206387">+49 (0)176 - 402 063 87</a>
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