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My problem is that I can not translate a date from English to Russian. I followed this guides:

  1. Internationalization & Localization CakePHP
  2. I18N shell

I wrote in AppController.php this code:

function beforeFilter() {
    setlocale(LC_ALL, "ru_RU.utf8");
    Configure::write('Config.language', 'rus');
    CakeSession::write('Config.language', 'rus');

I added a folder "Locale\rus\LC_MESSAGES" and place inside the file default.po. BTW i extracted all messages to the single file.

But in fact:

<?php echo $this->Time->timeAgoInWords($feedback['Feedback']['created']); ?> 

Did nothing.

<?php echo __d('default', $this->Time->timeAgoInWords($feedback['Feedback']['created']), true); ?>

Translates only string 'just now' to russian language, but other time formats still in English. Examples of translates from default.po you can see below:


#: Lib\Cake\Utility\CakeTime.php:842
#: Utility\CakeTime.php:842
msgid "just now"
msgstr "translate"


#: Lib\Cake\Utility\CakeTime.php:829
#: Utility\CakeTime.php:829
msgid "%d week"
msgid_plural "%d weeks"
msgstr[0] "%d translate"
msgstr[1] "%d translate"

I can't understand what i'm doing wrong.

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I'd recommend not putting all translations in one file - and using the localized repository (which doesn't at this time have a russian translation file - but you could create one =). from the code if the above translations exist it's not logical for them to be ignored - which could indicate the default.po file you have is malformed in some way. –  AD7six Dec 29 '12 at 11:13

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