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I'm building a website in which the download link for files will be generated at runtime by connecting to a database and getting the current download link from there.

I was wondering whats the best design path i should take to implement it.

What i have in mind so far, is having a linker.php file which i'll include in all pages of the site (Where there's a download link), and in this file i'll auto-fill a $downloadLink variable and just use <?php echo $downloadLink; ?> wherever i need to use that download link.

Is this the right way to go?

Should I just have the linker.php file auto-execute?

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show is what you have done. give us your code. –  RezaSh Dec 1 '12 at 19:07

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I'm not sure what your db structure is like but. It would probably be helpful to to have in the linker.php file a function that you could pass a variable like:

function get_downloadlink_byid( $id ){

And on your page you could have

<?php echo get_downloadlink_byid('999'); ?>

This way each page could request different links.

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