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I would like to use a few GridViews in a single Layout. I don't know how to set an adapter, or if there is any other simple way to do this.

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In your xml layout, add as many gridView as u want. In your activity, get the reference of each gridview w.r.t their id and make seperate adapters for each gridview. Or pass diffrenet parametres to the same adapter for each gridView.

GridView grid1 = (GridView)findViewById(;
GridView grid2 = (GridView)findViewById(;

grid1.setAdapter(new ImageAdapter(this, arrayOfImagesSet1));
grid2.setAdapter(new ImageAdapter(this, arrayOfImagesSet2));
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If you are looking for a simple way you can use the wizard to create a DataSource for each grideview. Change to design mode and start generating your DataSource.

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