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I have a site that I support which is a mixture of classic ASP and ASP.NET. My goal is to encrypt the querystring in a manner that is transparent to the user. On the ASP.NET side I am using a approach similar to what Mads Kristensen has put together here:

My problem is how can I replicate this on the classic ASP side? The HttpModule wont work for classic ASP as those requests are handled outside of the ASP.NET page life cycle so I have been looking at handling this in the Global.asa with no luck so far. To replicate the httpmodule I would need to get a hold of the HttpContext and I havent found a vbscript equivalent. I am a bit stuck any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Mads Kristensen is using Rijndael cipher (AES) in his encrypt and decrypt functions, so you need to recreate these functions again in classic ASP. The following pages could help you :

Short tutorial on using AES is VBScript:
The module can be found at:

But, you could also expose the "QueryStringModule.cs" class as a COM object and dispose this to your classic ASP page.


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ChiYoung thank you for the great suggestion definitely on the right track. I am new to classic asp. The issue I am now bumping into is how do I get ahold of the HttpContext.Current for the ASP page from the looks of things I am going to need to pass it in however I am not sure what the classic ASP equivalent is. – SomeBody Dec 3 '12 at 3:15

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