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After the successful build in window environment "eclipsec.exe" is getting created under "/products//Win32/{x86 |x86_64}/../", is there any way to delete "eclipsec.exe" during build?

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Exact duplicate of… – oberlies Dec 4 '12 at 11:24

as of now there is only a workaround

which relies on unspecified order of p2 touchpoint execution.

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You can either setup maven-clean-plugin to wipe it out during "clean" lifecycle. But that will only execute when you run "mvm clean":

          <directory>/products//Win32/{x86 |x86_64}/../</directory>

Another option is to use maven-antrun-plugin:

        <delete file="/products//Win32/{x86 |x86_64}/../eclipsec.exe"/>

This is attached to "package" phase and will delete file after the project is compiled. More info on plugin usage here:

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I have successfully used a p2.inf advice file for this purpose. I have added instructions that delete the undesirable files when the product is installed. I have not experienced a failure of this yet, but P2 is not well documented, so if the p2.inf is applied to early, the files may still appear...

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