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I am trying to get some info on the internal of my ColdFusion site

struct function get_site_info() output="false"  {

var oSystem = createObject('java','java.lang.System');
var jremodel    = oSystem.getProperty("sun.arch.data.model");
var jrename     = oSystem.getProperty("sun.runtime.name");
var jreversion  = oSystem.getProperty("sun.runtime.version");

var stResult = {CFVERSION = server.ColdFusion.ProductVersion, 
    CFLEVEL = server.ColdFusion.ProductLevel,
    JRENAME = jrename, // Error happens here
    JREVERSION = jreversion };

return stResult;

The error message is

Variable JRENAME is undefined.
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what happens if you add a writeoutput("jrename is " & jrename & " and is defined") after you assign it a value from oSystem? –  Dan Bracuk Dec 1 '12 at 20:37
jrename doesn't have a value - getProperty returns null if you specify a key that doesn't exist. –  Peter Boughton Dec 1 '12 at 20:41
As an aside, you can avoid nulls by supplying a default ie getProperty(name, default). In this case the error is probably a good thing. But defaults can come in handy for optional properties. –  Leigh Dec 6 '12 at 17:54

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There's no such property as "sun.runtime.name", (or indeed sun.runtime.anything).

You probably want java.runtime.name.

To see all available properties for the system, do:

<cfdump var=#createObject('java','java.lang.System').getProperties()# />
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